It’s me, Daysia. A 22-year old, recent college grad with a degree in fashion merchandising. I feel like being a student has been my whole life up until this point, so excuse me for seeing it necessary for one of the first things to tell y’all about me is that I’m degreed up. But now that we’ve got that out of the way, I’ll try my best to make my very uninteresting life and pretty amazing personality (if I do say so myself) worth your reading.

Let me just start with the basics; I’m currently living in Greenville, South Carolina which is also where I’ve lived for the majority of my life. I still like to tell people the highly insignificant fact that I was born in Fort Lauderdale, despite only living there until I was six months old. Fast forward to primary school, in which I attended five different ones, I can recall having two fairly strong interests - animals and fashion. I very seriously considered being a veterinarian up until middle school which is when I remember crying from watching a movie for the first time. It was that movie “I am Legend.” The dog died and I cried and from that point I knew I’d never have the heart be in a profession where animal deaths are a part of it. So fashion it was. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do within the fashion industry, all I knew is that I loved piecing together outfits. Then I hit high school. A pretty good four years might I admit - I was on the Varsity cheerleading team, got my fur baby named Cheerio, met the man I’ll soon be calling my husband, and I learned that there are people that actually make a good living from putting together outfits and styling other people. Talk about a dream job! There’s literally nothing else I’d feel happy about doing for the next 50 years than that.

So for those who were wondering what I would like to do with my meaningless degree in fashion, its personal styling. I’m not opposed to celebrity styling, I just know in my heart I’d prefer to style a regular-schmegular person like myself. I just have this whole vision of having a nicely decorated office space with large windows in the front that will also act as the place where I do client consultations. They’ll also come there to try on the items that I chose for them, all while sipping on a glass of high quality champagne. I can go on and on about the vision, but I’ll leave it for y’all’s imagination. Within the next ten years you won’t even have to imagine it because you can just come and see it for yourself. I’m at the age and point in my life where it’s all about manifesting …

Think it. Believe it. & Go get it.


    Fashionably Yours,

          DG ♥