Starting a fashion blog is one thing Daysia was able to scratch off of her list of goals when she launched Fashionably, DG at the start of 2017. Her love of clothing and putting together outfits began at a very young age, and it developed into a driving force that would determine what career path she wanted to take. At 22 years old, Daysia is a senior fashion merchandising student at Georgia Southern University, and will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science in May of 2019. Post-graduation, she will work toward her ultimate goal of being a personal stylist, more than likely being based in the south. In addition, she will continue blogging and plans to expand beyond fashion to attract a broader audience.



Congrats! You’re onto step two of planning your own wedding. You and your partner have sat down and discussed a budget, so now we’re onto the fun stuff. A wedding theme is essential in pulling together your special day, so figuring it out early on will ease a little bit of the stress that comes with planning a wedding. Check out my latest post in the wedding planning series as I talk wedding themes and where I personally got my inspiration from!

If you’re interested in becoming a fashion stylist, but struggling on how to get yourself started, an internship is the perfect way to get your foot in the door! Not only will you get to see how an established stylist works their magic, you’ll also make some great connections along the way. The purpose of an internship is to gain hands on experience and essentially be taught certain skills that will be useful in your career in the fashion industry. You don’t want to have to be taught everything, however. Internships can very well turn into a permanent job, so the more you know walking in, the larger impression you’ll make on your supervisor, and the more likely it’ll be for you to be hired on. But don’t worry, from completing a four-month styling / merchandising internship, I’ve compiled a list of a few of those useful skills to have before your first day. They’re all fairly simple, and because of that, no formal training is required and you can learn the basics on your own! Check it out!

Once I graduated from college, I thought it would be a smooth transition from full-time student to working a full-time job in my field. However, I’ve been graduated for two weeks and I haven’t had any luck in the job hunting department. The rejection can be a little depressing, and for sure a confidence killer, but I’ve been doing my best to be optimistic about my current reality of being unemployed. There’s no secret formula, it’s honestly just looking at the “bright side” of it all. If you’re a recent graduate or you know someone who has recently graduated, this post will help you through the beginning stages of an unexpected post-grad life.






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