Product Design

Utilizing Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop

This collection was designed around the type of woman that would wear each piece. I found inspiration in the nightlife scene of Miami, full of fashion-forward individuals who go all out when getting ready to experience what the city has to offer.

title page.jpg
sexy friend watermark.jpg
the stylish friend watermark.jpg
the chill friend watermark.jpg
the extra friend watermark.jpg
the novachick friend watermark.jpg
the slayed friend water mark.jpg

Visual Merchandising: Small Window Display

Primary Contributor to a Group Project

In collaboration with Maddie Bea, a small boutique located in Statesboro, Georgia, our group was instructed to create a small window display with a Halloween theme. We took on “The Double-Sided Witch,” which was represented by a “good witch” wearing all white, and a “bad witch” wearing all black. Our goal was for the display to still be appealing to Maddie Bea’s target consumer, while clearly carrying out the theme. As the primary contributor, I drew the sketch, created the theme board with the use of Adobe Photoshop, and created a digital sketch of the display with the use of Sketch up and Adobe Photoshop.

Maddie Bea Sketch Up 3.jpg

Visual Merchandising: Large Window Display

Primary Contributor to a Group Project

Given complete creative control of this project, my group and I decided we wanted our display to feature clothing that could be styled for the office or for a party. As college students beginning our careers in the upcoming months, we value versatile pieces as such, and wanted our target consumer to be like-minded individuals. To represent the “office” part of our theme, we displayed the name of our display on manila folders, and placed a printer in the corner of the space. Additionally, we dispersed paper on the window to mimic a printer malfunction shooting out paper. To represent the “party” aspect of our theme, we placed balloons in the display area with pink and white streamers, which also served to fill the white background. As a primary contributor, I created the digital sketch using Adobe Photoshop and Sketch Up, provided most of the clothing, and put up most of the streamers. Our original display, as shown by the second to last photo, was not as visually appealing as we had imagined, so with no one else available to help, I transformed the display to it’s final product.

sketch up .jpg