When Black & Brown Actually Go Together

You've heard it. I've heard it. The older generations and even the young. "Black and brown don't go together because...", have you even heard a legitimate reason why these colors can't make the perfect outfit? I surely haven't in my twenty years of living. Whatever the excuse may be, it's time to shut it down. For one, black is universally known as the color, or the absence of color if we want to get technical, that you can throw on at any time, of any day, and for any occasion and it will be completely acceptable. With this being said, it can be paired with any color on or off the rainbow and it will still be the universal "non-color" that can be worn whenever. If we're being completely honest, there are a lot of times where black looks better with warm/neutral colors anyway; especially when you're going for a fall look. And guys not only does this go for fashion, but interior design as well. I watch a lot of HGTV, so I know what I'm talking about. They might as well go ahead and give me my own show. But back to what's really important; just sit and think about how many other colors, besides black, will look good with brown. It's not that many. And no one is about to be walking around wearing all brown looking like a live turd. So if I have yet to convince you that black and brown not going together is a myth, you're obviously just being stubborn (jk). But no, seriously, it's 2016, get with the program. 

Outfit Deets

So, I decided on this outfit weeks before the actual occasion, which happened to be a Christmas Dinner. It's hosted annually by my boyfriend's unit, so every year I basically make it a point to look better than I did the previous year. Now, mind you, this isn't really a formal kind of event, but I'm extra, so I dress however I see fit. Plus, if I'm around a bunch of people I don't know, I feel better by looking good; but then again, who doesn't? The booties I'm wearing are actually peep-toe, but since it was cold that day I had to improvise, hence explaining the black tights (which I planned to wear anyway). I purchased them from Bealls Outlet a few months ago and I believe they were $21.99, but don't hold me to that. I know for sure they weren't more than that. The knit poncho I'm wearing is spectacular. It was between $20 and $30 at Charlotte Russe and it's super versatile. You can dress it up or dress it down by simply pairing it with a pair of jeans and Chelsea boots or do the complete opposite and pair it with a skirt and heeled booties like I did. I have a red hat that I think would look perfect with this piece; I'll have to muster up an outfit for that sooner or later. Underneath the poncho I'm just wearing a basic long-sleeved crew neck top that you can literally purchase anywhere. Again, mine being from Bealls Outlet, it was only $6.99. I decided on wearing the suede mini skirt when I came to the conclusion that the look I was going for required the poncho to more dressed up rather than down. I got it from Cato for a party I attended a while back because the skirt I intended to wear didn't come by the estimated delivery date (the worst). Fun fact: it's actually a size 10 in kids, so I should be ashamed of myself. But I'm not because kids clothing is always cheaper so really it was a win for me. Y'all are going to hate me because I basically never get rid of anything or unless I know I'll never use it again. So it's a good chance that something I'm wearing has been in my closet for years. That's the case with my fringe purse, so I honestly have no clue how much it was. With it being from Forever 21, I doubt it was all that much. 


Fashionably Yours,