2018 Met Gala Reactions: The Most Heavenly of them All

The night of extravagant excellence, as I like to call it, or as everyone else calls it, The Met Gala, is one of the most highly anticipated events in the fashion world. With it's main purpose being a fundraising benefit for the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, celebrities on the exclusive guest list are expected to embody whatever the theme may be for that particular year. With the theme of this year's Gala being "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination," it is expected that we would have a red carpet filled with religious symbolism. There are a few stars that always "show up to show out," so they look amazing all while following the specified theme. And then we have our "Basic Bettys" that treat this occasion as they would any other event with a red carpet. Instead of discussing who went big and who should've stayed their ass home, I honestly just wanted to give some special shout outs to the ones who absolutely killed it this year! All photo credits go to those over at vogue.com or unless otherwise stated. 




Blake Lively & Rihanna

Blake in Atelier Versace & Rihanna in Maison Margiela by John Galliano


My two fashion queens. I truly stan. Typically Blake & Rihanna are the ones who set the standard for all red carpet events, so when it comes to the Met Gala my expectations are always super high for them, but they still end up being exceeded. Nothing could have prepared me for what they brought to the table this year. Both of their styles are so different which is why I don't think I could ever choose one of them to be THE Queen of fashion. It's almost like my love for both of their fashion senses is me channeling my inner styles moods of "I'm going to to wear what I want because I'm me (Rihanna)", and "I'm going to wear what your everyday person wears but make it look 10 times better because I'm me (Blake). 


Sara Jessica Parker

Dolce & Gabanna Alta Moda


See, this is the drama I like to see. 10/10 execution and perfect embodiment of the theme. If this was any other red carpet event I'd be looking at her like "oh no baby, what is you doing???" But considering the situation, I'm in awe. Her headpiece is definitely top three in my opinion. 


Lana Del Rey & Jared Leto



I really like this subtle slay. You can look at them and tell that their dress has something to do with religion without crosses be slapped everywhere. This is the event where you can be, and absolutely should be, as extra as you possibly can, but if extra isn't your cup of tea then this is what I'm expecting.  


Majorie Harvey

Dolce & Gabanna


Absolutely stunning. It's funny how I just mentioned "slapping crosses" everywhere and that's exactly what's going on here. But in a good way. I love how the jewels on the crosses match her jewelry perfectly; and the fact that her jewelry is so elaborate in itself. If her dress was just plain black, and she accessorized with the same head piece and jewelry, I honestly don't think I would have been mad. 


Chadwick Boseman



Chadwick ... you're doing amazing sweetie.

He's one of the very few men that didn't show up in a basic suit and I'm so pleased. Pleased enough where I had to stalk his stylist on every social media platform. Her name is Ashley Weston and she specializes in menswear; and does a hell of a good job at it. I hope she gets all of the recognition she deserves. 


Cardi B



Loving everything about this look. Hair, makeup, baby bump, allattttt. If I'm not mistaken, this was her very first Met Gala and I'm so glad she didn't try to play it safe. Some of these other celebrities that are "Met Veterans" need to take notes. 


Honorable Mentions ...

I really would have liked to see more of the theme with these ladies. But I can't deny the fact that they looked GOOD. I wanted to limit this section to a maximum of four people, so it wasn't easy coming to such decisions. There are a few others that I definitely felt were honorable, so just because they aren't mentioned anywhere in this list doesn't mean they were on my "not" list. 


When I first saw Jasmine Sanders, wearing H&M Custom, I was honestly shook. Like girl, why did you have to do us like that? I've followed her for a long time and this look is truly the best I've seen her in. I just wish she would have followed directions! 

j lo.jpg

J. Lo only gets better with age. Wearing Balmain, she somewhat pulled a Kim Kardashian, but 10 times better. Yes there is huge cross slapped in the dead center of her chest for the sake of the theme, but at least her gown was far from basic. I've never known J.Lo to be basic anyway, so it's not like I was expecting any less from her. But I was hoping for more considering the occasion.

My dear Kimberly, wearing Versace, is looking snatched as always. She looks so good that it almost makes me ignore the fact that she did the bare minimum as far as following the theme. All that money and we couldn't get a little more than two crosses on a basic, shimmery dress (okay, maybe not basic since it's Versace)?  Her hair and makeup (and figure) is what I think really saved her, otherwise, I would have been equally underwhelmed with her look as I was with Kendall and Kylie. 

Photo credits to elle.com


Alek Wek is literally glowing. Wearing H&M Custom, I definitely think she should have been the topic of more discussion. If she would have dressed it up with some, or a lot, of jewelry and an exquisite head piece, her look probably would have made it to my favorites. 


So I have to ask, who's looks were y'all loving this year? Is my list pretty consistent with yours or do we need to debate it out? Leave me a comment below!


Fashionably Yours,