My Top 5 Spring/Summer Shoes!

Of all things, fashion wise, that I could be obsessed with, shoes are definitely my weakness. In high school, I remember some of the girls would wear their cute little wedges with whatever outfit and I was just like "damn, I need to step it up A LOT a bit." So I told my mom I really wanted a pair or wedges; nothing too fancy, but some that I could wear with a variety of things. And the ones I ended up with were just that. Five years later they're still sitting in my closet; I honestly don't think I've worn them since that very first time, but who's to say I never will? I may wake up one day and decide to get back to the basics. The likelihood of that happening is pretty slim considering all I've racked up since then; I believe it was shortly after I got those shoes that I started my first job. And I went bananas. I think I'm sitting at around 70 pairs of shoes total, and I know at least 40 of them are heels or wedges. It wouldn't be so bad if I actually wore them, but there are times when I go months with out wearing a pair of heels or wedges once.  You might as well say I collect them because it's a good bit of them that have yet to see the light.


Also, I apologize in advance for only knowing the price of one pair. I suck, we've established this already.


Bow Down

Charlotte Russe / $


It's not easy to pick a favorite when you have have so many options to choose from. But in this case, it was almost easy. I don't know what it is about these shoes that make me love them so much, but every time I look at them I feel like I'm drooling. I bought them at Charlotte Russe during my time working there, and I got lucky because they were just sitting in the back room with no display in the actual store. These were also the only pair left, so I know for a fact they would have gotten snatched up by one of the many shoe lovers out there with a size 7 foot. Unfortunately, I've only worn them once, and that was to go out to eat; meaning I was sitting down the majority of the time,  meaning these weren't shown off as much as they should have been, which, in conclusion, means they basically haven't been worn. 


Basic Beauties

Charlotte Russe / $


She's basic, but my oh my she is fierce. I've worn these babies once and they haven't felt the outdoors since. I think a part of the reason why I was so drawn to these is because of how high the wedge is, sitting at 5.5 inches. I always say the higher the heel, the better the shoe and anyone that disagrees needs to go reevaluate their entire existence. Yes, shorter heels are easier to walk in and are more comfortable for the most part, but they aren't doing your legs any justice. High heels give you the inches and confidence you need to walk right on in to a modeling audition and make everyone's edges thin out.  


Coral Babes

Ebay / $


Believe it or not, I shop a lot on eBay for fashion. I just recently got on the Amazon wave because of my prime student membership, but eBay is still my go to when looking for something specific. Now, I couldn't tell you what I was hunting for when I found these, but I knew on sight that I had to have them. I hadn't worn them yet just because I couldn't find anything worthy of wearing them with, but I'm going to change that very soon. I've stepped my game up as far as pairing garments with a difficult pair of shoes, so I am fully prepared to take on the challenge in the least basic way possible. 


Corky B*tch

Plato's Closet / $12


A pleasant surprise is what these were. I went into Plato's closet looking for nothing until I found THESE somethings. I couldn't pass them up for the price. And then they just so happened to be my size? Oh yeah, they were coming home with me. I don't know, I've just always felt like if I really like something and the one that's left is my size, that it was just meant to be mine. These are originally from Just Fab, so I feel good knowing that instead of paying that $39.99 that I got them for significantly less. 


Florally Fresh

Ross / $


Before I continue, I have to give my boo credit for buying these for me. I don't think I even asked him to; we just went into Ross one day and I guess he was feeling extra generous, which isn't uncommon for him. Along with these, he bought me an identical pair in all black and then a pair of Nine West wedges. Not relevant to what I'm supposed to be talking about, but like I said my mans deserves his credit - haha. But anyway, these are actually the only pair of shoes I've featured in one of my style blog posts. I've worn them twice, so they're the most worn out of my favorites as well. They aren't my number one pick but they aren't my number five pick either. Putting these shoes in order by how much I like them would have been an IMPOSSIBLE task ... it stresses me out thinking about it, really. So, to bring this post to an end, no, I didn't put these shoes in order by favorites, but I did start out with the pair I can admit feeling the strongest about. 


Fashionably Yours,