A Brunch of Jumpers

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It. Feels. Great. To be back in my happy place and doing something I love. I’d felt so uninspired and unmotivated the past few months that I almost forgot how much I enjoyed my solo photoshoots and putting out new content. I’ve always considered myself a really good multi-tasker, but when it comes to balancing school and blogging, especially in my final semester, I just cannot do it. This has, by far, been the most stressful three months in my entire life. Never did I think that finding an internship would be this difficult. I know I’m qualified, and if I lacking anywhere I can be taught. But me not being qualified isn’t even the issue, it’s my location. I have yet to find any companies in the south that are looking for stylist interns, it’s always the ones located in New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago. I’m extremely open to relocating for a bomb ass opportunity, so much I’d be willing to live in a damn cardboard box if they gave me a chance, but they want interns to be local to the area. I’m sure it makes things easier to already know your way around, and to be used to driving in these areas, but that isn’t even something employers should be worried about. Just worry about if I can do the job or not. In part, I’m making it harder for myself because I don’t want just any kind of internship, I want one where I can get hands on experience with styling because that is what I want to do with my life. Yeah I could just find a retail internship to meet the requirements for graduation, but I truly feel like I’d be doing myself a disservice. I’ve been working in retail for five years now, and if I was satisfied with that I probably wouldn’t have even came to Georgia Southern. I would’ve took my happy ass right on to USC and majored in retailing. I would have only been an hour and a half from home. An hour and a half from my man. Things would’ve been a lot different. But I’m not keen on settling. So here we are. I could write a whole post about it and include how I’m stressing about getting all A’s this semester so I can graduate with a 3.5 gpa, and also include how I have like 10 projects to do in a month, but I think I’ve vented enough. I honestly just wanted to let you guys know why exactly I’ve been gone so long.

Let’s talk about fashion now :)


Outfit Deets

I remember I was watching one of my favorite vloggers do a clothing haul, and she said she wasn’t a huge fan of dresses or jumpsuits because you can’t really do much with them styling wise. While it is a little harder in comparison to putting together a top and bottom, since you basically have an entire outfit in one, I think there is still room to add your own touches to them. And in the case with the jumpsuit that I’m wearing (Maurices, $44), it can pretty easily be dressed up or dressed down. The first time that I wore it, however, it wasn’t even like this. It was hot outside so I definitely didn’t have on the leather jacket, and I ended up wearing furry slippers the entire time because my feet were still hurting from the previous night. Basically, it was a hot mess, hence, why I’m taking pictures in it three months later. But the leather jacket is a good way to take this look from a day outfit to night outfit. Let’s say you and your girls are hanging out for a few hours, and you don’t have any time to go home to change before going to dinner with your man; bring a change of shoes and jacket and you’ve got yourself a date look. I’ve had this jacket for yeaaaaars, it’s literally old as dirt. But I rarely wear it so it’s still in great shape, and it really comes in clutch when I feel like looking like a baddie. Maurices has leather jackets as well so you really could get this entire look from there minus a few of the accessories. The earrings, necklace, and sunglasses were purchased there and I’m pretty sure each of them were less than $15. The necklace came in a set of three, but the one I’m wearing matched the earrings perfectly, so that made me feel highkey satisfied. Not to mention, these earrings just satisfy some deep, internal craving that I didn’t even know that I had until I bought them. I’ve been wearing them more than my old faithful hoops, so maybe that’s a sign of me becoming less of a bum and more of the put-together woman that I strive to be.

I was wilding out the entire month of September off of my refund check, so these shoes (Amazon, $30) were one of the many purchases that I made. I bought them specifically to go with this jumpsuit, and I was okay with doing that because there are a lot of items in my closet that pair well with this shade of yellow. So I’ll get some good use out of them. Anytime I’m looking for something very specific, I go straight to Amazon. 9 times out of 10 I’ll find what I’m looking for too. I used to be a slut for eBay since they had the pay after delivery option, but since they got rid of that, and I have amazon prime, my sluttiness is all for Amazon. People don’t believe me when I say I legitimately shop for clothes and shoes on there. I just make sure to read the reviews on the item, and if there aren’t any reviews then I just won’t buy it. That’s my only rule. I suggest anyone keeping that rule in mind as well. Lastly, my purse came from Ross. I’m pretty sure it cost around 20 something, which isn’t bad for a good quality, Chanel inspired handbag.

Fashionably Yours,


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