When Life Gives You Lemons ...




Or you could just make lemonade. 

Honestly, whatever floats your boat. I'll admit, I'm typically an "add lemon slices to your water to instantly make everything better" kind of girl. You're breaking out? Lemon water. Hungover? Lemon water. pH imbalance? Water ... with lemon. Has it been scientifically proven that lemon water helps with any of these? I don't know, but speaking from experience, lemon water has helped with the upset stomach part of having a hangover. More than regular water in my opinion. But maybe I'm just biased toward the supposed power of lemons that I've came up with in my head. That's actually most likely the case here, because I do that quite a bit. I was telling Deion how I started letting my face air dry after washing it to "retain moisture" and he was just like "that literally makes no sense" hahahaha. It's fine though. It makes me feel good so I'm going to keep doing it anyway. Whether you agree or think I'm crazy is at your discretion, but I think we can all collectively agree that matching sets have been one of the greatest trends in the most recent years. It's an almost effortless slay if you wear it right; and what I mean by that is just how you accessorize. The wrong shoes could easily kill your look and that is something that I CANNOT stress enough. If the shoes aren't right you better change your outfit or go buy yourself a better option, sis. 

Outfit Deets

SO LET ME TELL Y'ALL.  I bought this 2-piece matching set from Shop Priceless around this time last summer. I went back and forth with myself for as long as I could before the sale ended because I could not decide on what size shorts to order. Yes I've been skinny my whole life so that should've been the least of my concerns, I know. But here's the tea; your girl got a little thickums and her old shorts wouldn't button up anymore. So with that in mind, plus reading that the model on the website was wearing a size small with a 23 inch waist (which I'm a good bit beyond), I go ahead and order a medium. About a week later I get my package. I knew the top would be fine because I've been a part of the itty bitty titty committee since I've known what a titty even was, so without a doubt I ordered a small. An extra small probably would have worked even better. But the shorts ... they went from high waisted to low rise AS SOON as I started walking. And I'm that person that hates returning stuff, so I was just going to try to make them work. I even contemplated taking them to a seamstress once I realized I couldn't make them work, which was far past the 30 days that I would have had to return them. Fast forward to a few weeks ago and I randomly decide to get on their website to see if JUST MAYBE, those shorts were stocked. And they actually were! So I went ahead and ordered a size small and they ended up being perfect. I decided it would be a really cute brunch outfit paired with some nude, chunky heels (Burke's Outlet, $16) and my go-to accessory (the hat, of course). The denim jacket (maurices) wasn't a part of the original plan, but lucky me, it started raining right as I was about to leave the house so I was going to need a little something to cover up my damn near naked back. I really can't even be mad though because it ended up being a nice touch. 

As far as jewelry, y'all know I keep it simple. More often than not I'm either putting in studs or my old faithful silver or gold hoops. Rarely do my ears see color other than the melanin that they were blessed with. BUT, today I wanted to bring out the green in the matching set a little, so I went with the only pair of green danglies that I have. They were a gift from an old friend back in high school, and they came with this beautiful statement necklace that really gives me Charming Charlie vibes. I'm sure if I went in one of their stores I'd be able to find something pretty similar given how much variety they have in there. My watch as well; it actually came from this boutique down in Myrtle Beach. To be more specific, it's located at "Broadway at the Beach." Geneva is a pretty basic brand, though. Not expensive at all and I'm pretty sure you can find them in a number of department stores. I know for a fact JCPenny sells them. 


Fashionably Yours,



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