A Little Leather Never Hurt Nobody


So ... I did a thing. A very out of character thing. I ... wore this outfit twice. Three times if you want to include the day that I put it on for the sake of taking these pictures. The first time was when I went to Tennessee about a month ago, which I'm pretty sure I mentioned to you guys in my last post. It was almost exactly the same as what y'all are seeing right now, just accessorized slightly different and with a bomb ass pair of heels. It wasn't my original vision for this look, but when we went to dinner the second night, all the other girls were busting out the heels; and I couldn't be caught half stepping. I wasn't able to get any quality pictures, which is what brought me to wearing the same exact outfit the following Tuesday. Plus, I had too much pride in this look for it to only to be seen by a handful of people in a state I was visiting for the first time. Obviously wearing it to three classes allowed it to be shown off enough to my satisfaction ... but I still didn't get any pictures in it. And I have no clue why. I didn't have to work that day, the weather was nice, so the only explanation is I ended up taking a nap and when I woke up it was black outside. I'm really trash, I'm sorry. Fast forward to exactly a week ago, the second day of spring break, and again, I was off work and the weather was nice. AND I didn't have class. So if I didn't get any pictures then, then I was literally going to shoot myself just for being lazy. That was the only other option that I was giving myself. I should threaten myself more often because that is clearly how things get done around here.


Outfit Deets

I think this is probably my favorite look to date. Normally I start off telling you guys about the least significant parts of what I'm wearing first, then I move into what's important. But I can honestly say every piece holds a pretty heavy weight in this outfit. When I was packing for my trip, Deion mentioned that we were going to see Black Panther before dinner on that second night, and that everyone was wearing all black. So with that information my brain decided that I was going to wear an emerald green boyfriend blazer ($5). I tried to change her mind but what had been decided was decided and I couldn't change her mind. But in her defense, a little accent color never hurt anybody 🀷. I bought the blazer from Goodwill on a day when I was determined to find a real trench coat, and to my surprise, they had a BUNCH of coats just waiting to come home with me. Since the blazer has such a relaxed fit, that's what made me decide on wearing mules (Charlotte Russe, $15). They just match that "chic" kind of look that I was going for, but that's nothing new, because when do they ever not match the look I'm going for? That should answer anyone's question about if my mule obsession is still going strong. We all know they look good with just about everything, but in this case, I really wanted to rock them with some leather "painted on's" (Amazon, $15). That's what my dad calls any pair of pants that don't leave an inch of space between it and my skin, haha. And these definitely should not be worn in that fashion. Not going to lie, they weren't the easiest to get on, but once I did, we were good! They don't feel tight at all; I could squat, twerk, and everything in between with ease. They're also lined with faux fur making them perfect for those winter looks. The day I wore them to class it had gotten pretty hot, so just imagine how nasty my legs felt at the end of the day. I also bought this graphic tee from Amazon for pretty cheap ($11). I had a good selection to choose from as far as the tees, but the fact that the green's matched up pretty well is ultimately why I chose this one. It says "nothing" on it which is extremely meaningless and pointless, but that's really besides the point. It's cute, comfortable, and cheap and those are the three c's I'll live by until I get rich. If I never do then that's just going to be the motto for life. To accessorize, I decided on this 2-in-1 choker and the gold, dangle earrings that I wore in my last post. I can't remember what I paid for each of them, but they came from Maurices so I didn't even pay the full price. Discounts are the ONLY good thing about working somewhere that you can actually shop. For arm candy I've got my favorite Michael Kors watch paired with a few random bracelets that's I've had for years, and that I have no idea how I even acquired. Bracelets are the last thing I'll buy just because they lowkey annoy me. All of that clinking against one another will literally drive me insane if I have to hear it for more than a couple of hours. When I actually wore this outfit to dinner/class, I'm 90% sure the only thing I had on my wrist was this watch. I have to throw in some extra goodies for picture purposes every now and then, you know?

I talked about my bag in one of my posts last summer, but if you haven't been following me for that long, I'll just briefly say that I bought it at Ross and I'm thinking I paid 20 something for it. I didn't realize it resembled a Chanel bag until my mom said something about it, so that kind of turned me off from it; not because I have something against Chanel or anything like that, but just for the simple fact that I hate knockoffs. I was already in too deep before I even bought it, so I couldn't bring myself to return it. And I like it too much to just not wear it so here we are.


Fashionably Yours,


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