I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a minimalist. It sounds great on paper, referring to the people that have a handful of belongings and a tiny house that they can take just about anywhere when they travel. Watching the "Tiny House" edition of House Hunters had me intrigued, and I very briefly thought that maybe ... JUST MAYBE, once I graduate from college I can take on tiny living. But then I remember all of my beloved possessions that I'm not willing to give up so I should probably stick to the 4,000 square foot Mediterranean house plan that Deion and I agreed on from Pinterest. It's kind of funny because I've always been a little obsessed with Pinterest, and I would always send him house plans and all he would do is look at the pictures. But now when I send him house plans he actually looks at the layout and tells me if he's feeling it or not. It's just so cute, and extremely off topic, and really not funny at all now that I've typed it out, but it just makes my heart palpitate with ALL DA LUV. 

It's still Valentine's Day week so just let me have my moment.

Anyway, what I was very slowly getting at is that my attachment to my wardrobe is too strong to be a minimalist. I need options and variety when I'm putting outfits together and I have to have a closet that's going to comfortably fit it all. If it wasn't for that then the tiny house may have been something that could've worked out. 


Outfit Deets

"Daysia ... you just wrote a whole paragraph telling us why you're not a minimalist, yet that's what you decided to title this blog post. Why?"

Because I'm retarded. Next question.

Nah ... I'm kidding. Not about being retarded, but about that being the reason for the title.  So I think it's pretty safe to say that we can put the minimalist lifestyle and minimalist fashion into two different categories. Taking on the minimalist look doesn't necessarily mean that's you're living the lifestyle. It's simply a style preference.  It's not one I'd say I decide on frequently,  it just happens when it happens and I go with it. I'm pretty sure the turtleneck ($8, eBay) is what started it. I went on a hunt for them a few weeks ago and I came across a listing that had a bunch of different colors for a good price. So I was like "hey, why get one when I can get four!" So I did. And once I got them in the mail I was like I need to wear these now since South Georgia is getting a warm front.  It was just enough wind on this particular day that I could wear my grey one and throw on one of my favorite cardigans (Bealls Outlet) without having a heat stroke. A lot of people think that when they are wearing the same color on top of one another that it has to be the same exact shade, and that is not the case. Or unless it's black or white, the variance in shades may come to work in your favor, honey.

Just to keep the neutral palette going, I decided on my black, high-waisted jeans from H&M ($10) and my black mules from GoJane ($16). One thing I can say about mules is that they are one of the easiest style of shoe to dress up and dress down. You can easily throw them on with a graphic tee and jeans or switch into something more business casual and still be in dress code.  I predict they'll continue to be in style for at least the next several seasons, so do yourself a favor and get a pair. I'm pretty sure I've said in one of my previous posts that even when they start losing popularity I'll still be rocking them. And I'm sticking by that for the rest of my life. It'll probably be a few years before I'm able to afford a pair of Gucci ones, so when I get to that point you better believe I'll be wearing them whether they're in style or not. To accessorize I wanted to keep it minimal (obviously), so I decided on a pair of gold statement earrings (maurices), my Michael Kors watch (Ross), and a simple gold necklace with a feather charm (Charlotte Russe). Lately I've been on this accessory-buying kick because it's by far my largest opportunity area regarding my wardrobe.  It's like I have jewelry and accessories but nothing that's really spectacular. I have studs for days, and of course my basic hoops in just about every size, but I don't have many that are just cute. Since I've been at my current job, I've racked up on a few pair that are significantly better looking than the ones I already own. We carry a lot of the ball drop earrings and I'm honestly obsessed with them; I bought a black and gold pair, a tan and gold pair, a pair of solid silver ones, and then a pair of rose gold ones and I'm itching to wear them. One of the worst feelings is buying something that you're in love with but having to wait ages for a good occasion to finally wear it. First world problems.


Fashionably Yours,


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