From Work to the Weekend: Dressing Down the Blazer



Pat yourself on the back because you’ve survived the work week! You’ve successfully dealt with entitled customers and you’re still employed. Your boss tried you multiple times and you handled it well enough to still be employed. Your coworkers are trash, in life and at their job, which affects you doing your job, but guess what? You didn’t cuss anyone out so you’re still employed! Or maybe you have the ideal job with minimal stress and great coworkers and you were looking forward to the weekend for a completely different reason. Personally, I just look forward to sleeping in and not having an alarm wake me up at 6:30 a.m. The first week of my internship had me thinking that I was well on my way to becoming a morning person - I was actually getting up when my FIRST alarm rang, commuting at least 40 minutes and still arriving 30 to 45 minutes early. Now it’s the end of week 4 and I’m waking up at the time that I was leaving just a few weeks ago. I’ve been going to sleep around the same time every night so whatever the issue is is beyond me. But we’ll talk about that a little later. I plan on doing an entire post surrounding my internship and my thoughts on it, but for now, let’s talk what I wear. Thankfully the company I intern with has a very laid back dress code, so I don’t have to do business casual everyday. I honestly never have to do it, but on some days I just get the urge, you know? I love an oversized blazer paired with just about anything - trousers, a pencil skirt, a sleeveless dress … it’s the perfect layering piece to style up a basic work look. On the flip side, I love to wear them casually as well. Paired with a plain or graphic tee and a distressed pair of jeans and you’re ready for the weekend shenanigans. The transition will be so smooth that no one will even notice that you wore that same blazer to work on Tuesday.


Outfit Deets

I didn’t intend for this to be a super thrifty look, it just kind of happened, honestly. When you combine going to thrift stores out of boredom and being a cheap shopaholic, a greater part of your wardrobe becomes prized Goodwill finds. A year or so ago when I went through a period of being obsessed with adding more coats and blazers to my wardrobe, this red Liz Claiborne boyfriend blazer was one of the first that I bought. I was lucky to be volunteering at the thrift shop, called Worn Threads, at the time that I found it because, in addition to it already being super cheap, I got another 50% off of it. During the same trip, I got three other coats and a pair of jeans for only $8, meaning that I basically paid $1.60 for the main piece in this look! If you’re ever in Statesboro, Georgia, I highly recommend you checking them out if you enjoy thrifting. Not only will you find some great pieces, but you’ll also be supporting a great cause because all of their proceeds go toward a non-profit organization that assists families with paying utility bills. Goodwill would never. But I’ve gotten so many nice things from there, including these jeans, that I can’t even talk down on them like that. I distressed them myself, so they weren’t all that when I purchased them, but for $5 I definitely saw the potential. If I’m not mistaken, these were the last pair of jeans that I bought with the intent of cutting them up. The last several pairs of jeans that I’ve gotten while thrifting I’ve kept hole free.

During another periodic fixation, except on graphic tees this time, I found this online shop called NYCT Clothing. They mainly sell basics and graphic tees like the lovely one that I’m wearing, and they’re made with a suuuuuper soft and comfy material. Their prices are pretty good for the most part - my tee was only $12 because it was on clearance, but for a non-sale item, the most you’ll probably pay is around $35 which would be for a sweatshirt. Notice I said you, not I, because I’m not paying that much for a sweatshirt with “New York” written across the front. Sweatshirts are the types of items you steal from your man’s wardrobe, not spend your money on; and if he disagrees you need to drop him because you don’t need that negativity in your life.

Another important part of this look is definitely the handbag set that I purchased from Shop Priceless ($29). It includes this beautiful iridescent bag with a gold chain strap, and then to hold the things you don’t want everyone and their mama to see, you get a slightly smaller, glittery bag that’s actually very similar to a makeup bag. Now that I think about it … that’s probably what it’s intended purpose is. Even when I do wear makeup I never bring anything to touch it up, so this is the type of bag I’d keep little things like my charger, chapstick, and hand sanitizer in. I can’t remember if I decided on wearing the mules (GoJane, $21) or the bag first, but I know for a fact that which ever I chose is what influenced me to wear the other. The main colors in the mules are yellow, green, and a reddish-orange color, and depending on the angle that you look at the bag, it literally has all of those colors in it. HOW FREAKING PERFECT IS THAT? And considering the blazer has gold buttons, and the bag has a gold chain, my choice to wear gold jewelry should be pretty clear. As always, I kept it pretty simple with a pair of diamond-shaped earrings from Target ($8) and an initial necklace from Discovery Clothing Company. It was only $2 so if y’all see my neck looking a little green just keep it pushing.

Fashionably Yours,


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