Pop the Champagne! NYE Outfit Inspiration

Am I the only one that has never done anything eventful for New Years Eve? Up until last year, I’d spent those nights shooting fireworks and watching the ball drop with my family, and not too long after, the excitement of the new year would quickly turn into what I feel on any regular night. Last year I wasn’t able to be home due to work, so I basically downed a bottle of Chardonnay by myself and fell asleep before it even hit 12 am. This year, real plans were actually made - my hoodrats and I were going to get an Airbnb in Atlanta for a few days, probably have a game night one night and then find a party to go to on New Years Eve and day. ‘Twas going to be QUITE the time. However, as indicated by my use of past tense, the plans fell through. I thought about finding something else to do, but considering I’ll be making my move to the sunshine state in about a week, this may be a sign to save what little money I have. I haven’t fully decided just yet, but since I already had my glitter and gold ready for the occasion, I figured I’d give y’all some last minute outfit inspo. These looks, or ones with a similar taste, are guaranteed to be head turners, and if you’re out here going to big events without the intent of breaking necks and stealing somebody’s man, you need to stay your ass home like me.

Of course I’m kidding about stealing men … because we are wholesome women. But on a very serious note, if you are going out for NYE, you better dress like your life depends on it. Ain’t no half stepping.


When I think of New Years Eve looks, I see sparkles and sequins. I always have. I think that’s why I’ve always wanted to do something for the occasion because it would give me a reason to be that type of extra. Yes, I can be extra anywhere I go, but every event isn’t the place for such attire. Fur and over the knee boots get a pass, but sparkles and sequins are a little more special. That’s why as soon as plans were in the works, I began to specifically look for sequined dresses. The only thing is, being that it’s expected to be cold and rainy on NYE, I definitely needed my legs to have some cover, and for the life of me I could not envision wearing a sequined dress with over the knee boots. Even while browsing through different websites, these types of dresses are always paired with pumps or some kind of heeled sandal; and that is honestly how I’ve always intended to wear it. A sparkly dress, however, still satisfies that strong desire that I have to be shiny, and I don’t have to freeze to death. For this look, I already owned the over the knee boots (Rue 21, $24) and the fur coat (Forever 21, gift), and once I realized the exact color of the boots were in the coat, I absolutely had to wear them together. I wasn’t thinking that I would find a dress that’s that really nice cognac color like in the coat, especially in the abyss of a store such as Forever 21, but somehow I did. And it was only $13. I didn’t have the coat with me while I was shopping, so for the dress to be such a good match, my little heart was filled with so much joy. All that was left was to find a cute pair of gold, dangle earrings, and for $10 Target had exactly what I was looking for. Crazy how the dress was only three more dollars.

The good thing about this type of look is that it’s very easy to recreate. You could probably find something similar to all of the pieces that I’m wearing, including shoes and earrings, in Forever 21 at a very affordable price. If you’re not a fan of Forever 21, stores such as Lucy in the Sky, The Boutique, Miss Lola, Windsor, Charlotte Russe, and even Amazon have similar style dresses and fur coats. You may not find what you’re looking for for $13, but with all of these stores having something different, you’ll have plenty to choose from.


Everyone isn’t a dress and glitter type person, I get that, so this look is for y’all. I’ve expressed my love for matching sets on a number of occasions, but this one took my love to a new level. It’s like a less modest and a lot sexier take on a pant suit, and with the weather in mind for NYE, pants may be the more ideal option to some people anyway. It’s hard to say what I love the most about this 2-piece set (Shop Priceless, $26), but a few of my favorite qualities has to be the color, the convertible top, and the fact that the pants have pockets. The way I’d wear the top is with it tied in the back, but based off of how the model wore it, I believe it’s supposed to be tied like a bow in the front. I could never get the bow to look decent which is why I opted against it, but it’s nice to know that I have the option. Additionally, it can be worn tied around the neck. I will say this way is the most tricky, however, just because the girls kept trying to pop out.

There were two coat options that I had for this set; a cream colored fur or a leopard print fur. With the cream colored fur, I would have worn a pair of nude, patent leather heels, which was my original plan when I first bought the set. Everything paired together beautifully, so if you don’t care for animal print, I still definitely recommend that variation of this look. Personally, I have always been a fan of animal print, so given that I’d finally have an occasion to wear this coat (PacSun, $100) after owning it for almost a year, the look I would go with became pretty clear. Now, let me just talk about the price for a second, because y’all know that’s typically out of my price range. So, on the day that I bought this, PacSun was having a sale where all clearance items were buy one, get two free. This coat was the most expensive, so of course it was the item I would have to pay for, but my two free items were an $80 coat (the cream fur) and a $40 fuzzy sweater. Totally worth it in my opinion, especially considering the quality.

I tried to pair the nude heels with the leopard print, but it just wasn’t doing it for me. There’s a significant amount of black in this coat, so in order to balance out the look, I went with a pair of black heels (well, actually booties / Forever 21, $34). You can find black heels/booties just about anywhere, and at just about every price point, so that’s where I would begin with recreating this outfit. Gold earrings (Target, $8) and multi-strand necklaces (Target, $17) aren’t hard to come by either, so you shouldn’t have an issue with finding those. As far as matching sets, I’d recommend checking out Prettylittlething, Forever 21, A’Gaci, Boohoo, and Nasty Gal; you can also find faux fur coats at these stores, in addition to the stores I mentioned when talking about the first look!

I hope y’all have a safe, fun-filled, edge-snatching new year! See you in 2019! ❤

Fashionably Yours,


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