Dressing up a T-shirt

T-shirts are basically certified chill attire. We throw them on to go places where a good outfit just shouldn't be wasted. To the gym? Most definitely. Picking up a few groceries? Highly likely. And to do absolutely nothing? You got it. But it really doesn't have to be that way. Being that person that doesn't like to wear anything too often, it's nice to be able to throw on a t-shirt a couple of days out of the week and still be fashionable. Now, I definitely keep my workout t-shirts strictly for working out, but any other t-shirt of mine that's in good condition is defintely in the running to get a little dressed up.  

Outfit Deets

So yeah, there is a screaming cat on my shirt. I'm glad you noticed. Is it my cat? No, but it might as well be because my cat looks very similar. A good friend of mine actually got it for me back in high school and it's probably the greatest t-shirt I own. Not only can I broadcast my pride in being a cat mom, but it also made for a great outfit. There are tons of ways that it could have been styled, such as with distressed jeans and chunky heels, or with a larger bag and different sunglasses.I could have tucked it in some high-waisted trousers or high-waisted jeans, had it paired with a flowy skirt, or even something with a pattern. I hadn't worn this olive green pencil skirt ($12) in a while which is ultimately why I ending up choosing it to pair with the t-shirt. I tend to like the way fitted bottoms look with tied up shirts as well, so I guess you could say that was like 10% of the reason why I chose it too. A big part of dressing up a t-shirt is obviously the details, so the bag (Ross/$22) and the sunglasses (Charlotte Russe/$6) were a must. I'm thinking that this purse is the second I've bought in my entire life, and let me tell you, I am so pleased with it. It was one of those things that I saw in the store and I tried to argue with myself that I didn't need it, but in all honesty I kind of did because the number of handbags I own can be counted on one hand. But like I said in a previous post, I'm working on fixing that! I also need to be working on my mule collection. Mules are hands down my favorite trend as of right now. I genuinely like the style of the shoe, so even when no one is wearing them anymore I probably still will. They're just so comfortable and versatile, and I loved the way they looked paired with this outfit. They were another Ross find and only $13!

Fashionably Yours,