Campus Style: Blushin'

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Let me start off by saying that I did NOT prepare myself for the new school year. I worked all summer and somehow came back to school broke. I made a 26% on my first assignment in one of my online classes. And to top it off, I missed the freaking solar eclipse. So yes, it's the end of the world right now. But no big deal, because I have something special (and far more important) for you guys. In order to keep my posts more regular and to stray away from being a bum on campus, I've decided to start a campus style series! I'll be featuring what I wear to class once or twice a week in addition to providing a few tips on how to be casual-cute without doing the absolute most. Go ahead and subscribe so you won't miss out!

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Outfit Deets

This top (Charlotte Russe, $22) has been sitting in my closet, unworn, for probably over a year. It was one of those pieces of clothing that I pictured myself wearing with a pair of heels but it just never happened. Not to say that it never will, because the heels that I had in mind are also sitting in my closet unworn. I'm honestly just waiting for the right occasion, and I can say that for the majority of things that I have yet to wear. Either it takes several months for me to wear something, or I wear it immediately after purchasing it. There's literally no in between. I ordered these sandals off of eBay and they just arrived on Monday ... and two days later, here we are. It's only because I was specifically looking for this style of sandal and I hadn't been able to find a pair that I genuinely liked ANYWHERE. So being that they were only $11 and my exact size, it was a no-brainer that I ordered them on the spot. It was kind of the same situation when I purchased this denim skirt (Ross) as well, except I wasn't specifically looking for it at the time but it was a decision I didn't have to think twice on. I'm not thinking it was any more than $14, so I doubt that I even have to say that was the deciding factor. Y'all know I live for $15 or less items.  

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- Quick Tip : Surviving on Campus -

Wear tops that are loose fitting around your underarms. I'll admit it, I sweat like a pig on campus, so if I were to have fabric right in my armpit, it would be soaking up sweat within seconds of walking outside. I know it's completely normal, but it's just one of those things that I try to avoid if possible. Especially since I raise my hand several times a day. If pit stains don't bother you, then by all means, keep doing what you're doing! The last thing I'm here to do is judge, honey.


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