Before you even form the thought, yes... it's a thing. Flanneling is simply the act, or should I say art, of throwing on a flannel with whatever you're wearing and essentially enhancing the overall look. Well maybe not with WHATEVER you're wearing, because with such an act there comes a few restrictions. For example, flanneling does not work with formal wear. Do not show up to prom with a flannel over your dress because Daysia said they make everything look better, because I'm going to say that you're lying. Also, flannels + business attire is a no. Don't blame me for you not getting a job because you chose to wear a flannel and slacks. I deny all allegations. Flanneling comes in handy when you're wearing something like a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or leggings and a tank top. Even with a plain dress or skirt, the flannel is here to help. I ask each and every one of you to join me in this revolutionary movement; #believeinthepowerofflanneling2017

Outfit Deets

Let me tell you guys a short story about my first encounter with a flannel. 'Twas fall of my senior year of high school and my boyfriend found this flannel on the ground and gave it to me. The end. I'm not even joking. To this day I wear that flannel faithfully. But I promise that's the only one I got from the ground. The others are all from Goodwill, and because of this I refuse to pay more than $5 for them. The brand of the black and brown flannel I'm wearing today is St. Johns Bay, and from my research, these normally run around $30. So you really can't beat getting a $30 shirt for $5. I'm sure women's flannels would regularly be less expensive than men's flannels, but shopping in the men's department for shirts that are clearly too big for me is so much better (this one is a men's small so it's more normal fitting). My jeans also came from Goodwill. When the initial vision of this outfit came into my head, I knew I wanted to wear more of a boyfriend/mom-jean style of pants. But it was all a matter of if I could find them or not. As you can see, I didn't exactly find what I was looking for, but I'm beyond satisfied with what I ended up with. Nine West jeans aren't cheap, but I got these pair for $5. They were clearly worn out when I bought them, but since I planned on distressing them anyway I didn't mind all that much. Going back to the vision, I WANTED this look be worn out. I wanted my 90's influence to be evident. And these boots did it for me. I've had them since my freshman year of high school, but I've only worn them a handful of times. So the reason they look like I wear them a lot is probably because they're cheap. I got them from that old store called Dots for like $12. I don't know if that company went out of business or if they just moved from their location in my hometown, but it's not like I would shop there either way. The shirt I'm wearing under the flannel is one of the few graphic tee's that I own and it's pretty sad. I want so many more but my money just isn't set up that way right now. I got this one from Charlotte Russe last summer, but I can't remember how much it was. All I know is it was 50% for employee appreciation weekend. That is the only reason I miss working there. I often use this bag interchangeably as a purse or to carry my books, and today it served as the latter.  It's very boho-chic in my opinion, and that's what I love about it. My boyfriend bought it for me from Burke's Outlet for $17.99 if I'm not mistaken. He's more willing to buy me things that he likes himself and that's also the case with this Tommy Hilfiger baseball cap. He saw it, along with two others, and wanted them for himself but they only had them in the women's department at Ross, so he bought them for me instead. I saw a tweet that said "college makes everyone a hat person," but I don't know, I think I owe it to Tommy.


 Fashionably Yours,



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