Keeping it Classy for Classes

I can honestly count the number of times I looked decent last semester on one hand. In part, it's because I barely had to go on campus, so I wasn't about to waste an outfit just to go right back to my apartment. This semester I'm determined to get out of my bummy ways. Three out of four of my on-campus classes are related to fashion, meaning there are a bunch of other fashion majors in the same class that actually put effort into their appearance everyday. So basically I have to redeem myself; I can no longer look like "who did it and why." We're only a week into the semester, and I'm proud to say I dressed like an aspiring fashion stylist four out of four days I had to go on campus *pats self on back*. I even rocked my school colors with this outfit. It wasn't intentional at all; I actually didn't fully realize it until I went back and looked at the photos I took. I feel like all this means is it's going to be a successful semester, and I'm ready for it. 

Outfit Deets

Normally when I'm going through the process of finding an outfit to wear, I try to go for the articles of clothing that I haven't worn in a while. I think it's more of an issue rather than a good thing because even when I haven't worn something for two months, this little voice in my head tells me that it's off limits. I feel like that's why I always have the desire to buy more clothes because there's always a portion of my wardrobe that I tell myself I can't wear. In the case of this outfit, I hadn't worn the top since the end of September, so it was time for another round. I'm having a MAJOR brain fart right now and I can't remember where I bought it from or how much I paid for it; and that's really weird because I always remember one or the other. Syllabus week must have taken a bigger toll on me than I thought. But you guys know I don't buy expensive stuff, so I'm just about positive it was under $20. It's literally a skimpy piece of fabric so I'd hate myself if I paid more than $12 for it. I know for a fact my jeans we're $12, and I think I remember that so well because they're Bullhead denim. Bullhead is PacSun's denim brand, so I felt accomplished finding a pair of jeans that would have normally been out of my price range for so cheap. Shoutout to TJ Maxx! Since I've mentioned them, have you guys been in there lately? They've had some really nice handbags in stock, and I'm talking Kate Spade nice. There's one in particular that I'm dying to have, but that would be very financially irresponsible for me to do. Responsibilities suck. But honestly, I suck too because I get side tracked entirely too easy. Like there's not a lick of Kate Spade on my body so why am I even talking about it? 

Anyways, I decided  on wearing these cognac boots because that color looks spectacular with mustard yellow. Not to mention, I hadn't worn them yet and I had been itching to since I bought them. These were the other pair of boots that I got apart of that buy one, get one free sale at Rue21. I talked about it in my "Lavishly on a Budget" post, so if you haven't read it already I'll have it linked. Now, I feel like there is always one aspect of of an outfit that takes it to the next level. In my last post it was the rust booties, today it's definitely the navy leather jacket. The contrast it added to the look is really what had me sold. And the inside is lined in this cheetah print fabric so it tied in the boots super well. Out of all the jackets I own, this one is my favorite. I think it's safe to say it's my favorite of all time. I got it for Christmas A WHILE back, like at least five years ago and I'm still wearing it faithfully. If it fits, I wears. I don't care how long I've had it. 


Fashionably Yours,



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