Match Made in Heaven


Please tell me how often it is that you find a top, or any garment for that matter, that is a perfect match for a pair of extra ass shoes that you have? I'm talking color for color and the shades being just about spot on. Not that I feel like I would have had trouble finding something to match these shoes; just about every damn color on the rainbow are in them so it actually would have been quite easy. It's just cool to have found something that was a perfect match without even looking for it. I've had the shoes for several months now, but just recently bought the top maybe a month or month and a half ago and I'm still tickled over how lucky I got.


Outfit Deets

Slip-on's are a happy medium between sandals and sneakers for me. They're just about as easy as putting on sandals, with the benefit of hiding your toes when times are hard and your toe polish is 75% chipped off. I found these beauties at Rack Room on my lunch break one day and I was completely smitten. Whoever designed these should have just engraved my name into the sole because they were literally MADE for me. I honestly didn't even think twice about dropping the $50 on them so that should tell y'all something considering how frugal I am. But let me explain, because that's not even the full story; basically, when I first saw them I was broke, so I checked to make sure they were in stock every few days up until I got my refund check. Refund season is for balling out instead of paying my rent in advance in order to prevent situations like the one I'm in now :) But it's cool, your early twenties are meant for being stupid :)) Anyways, as you all can see, the little pom-poms on my top ($32) are nearly a perfect match for every color that are in these shoes. That is the only reason I bought it. If I didn't have these shoes in mind when I first laid eyes on it I probably would have just looked at it from a distance every time I went to work. Don't get me wrong, it's absolutely adorable, it's just one of those things that I could have done without. But now that it's a part of my wardrobe I have several ways in mind that I could style it; I see myself hunting for a pair of orange pants very soon. This time around I chose to pair it with a black denim skirt (Cheeky Bliss) just because I felt like showing my legs. Your girl was freshly shaved and extra moisturized so why not show off my efforts? 

Accessories are the same from my previous post, so if interested, you can read about them here! May I mention that I do hate that I'm wearing the same accessories two posts in a row? My jewelry game is not strong in the slightest bit. I think it's the only real complaint that I have in regard to my wardrobe. Is raising money for jewelry an acceptable reason to start a GoFundMe? I'll call it a fashion blogger's cry for help.


Fashionably Yours,