Ruffled & Embroidered


And to think there was a time that I absolutely despised ruffles. I think what turned me away from them was how frilly and girly they are; as far as I know I never went through an actual tom-boy phase, so my femininity was always there I just had to draw the line somewhere ... and ruffles just didn't make the cut. Maybe they were just a little too extra for my taste at the time. I know you all must think very highly of my style and fashion sense, but it hasn't always been there. Though, if you asked 8th grade me, or any point in life me, I would have told you otherwise. I even got the "most fashionable" award in 4th grade despite wearing things like high-top forces and black denim gauchos ... together. But hey, I guess my teacher saw in me what I thought I had, so big shout out to her. One day I'll share all of my freshest fits from back in the day and we can all sit and laugh at them over our morning coffee. 


Outfit Deets

Raise your hand if you've ever fallen victim to impulse buying πŸ™‹. Don't be ashamed, we've all experienced this level of betrayal by the part of our brain that gives us no option but to buy whatever item we may have laid our eyes on. It's been happening to me since I started making my own money, but I don't think that feeling has ever hit me as hard as it did as when I stumbled across these shoes for the very first time. I got on the LolaShoetique website just to browse, you know, see what new stuff they've added since the last time I had been on - the usual. Looking on my favorite clothing websites comes as naturally as checking social media for me, so after years of doing this, I'd say I'm experienced enough to talk myself out of buying something fairly easily. But when I tell y'all the time it took between my first look at these and submitting my PayPal information was less than two minutes ... and once the deed had been done I just laid in my bed like "what the hell did I just do?" The total I paid + shipping was only $34, so it could have been a lot worse. Therefore, I didn't feel bad about it 🀷. I immediately knew I wanted to wear them with this blouse that I bought from Maurices just because the embroidery and ruffles would be too cute paired together. From there I just needed to figure out what bottoms I was going to wear. The easiest option, as far as color, would have been white, of course,  but we don't take easy routes around here. When styling a mannequin at work, I paired the blouse with these yellow jeggings, but I didn't plan on actually wearing that combination. Not sure why, but I'm glad I did because it looks just as good, if not better, on a person than on a mannequin.  By the time I decided to buy the jeggings they had been marked down, so I'm thinking I only paid $11 for them. Can't go wrong with that.

As far as my accessories, I borrowed these earrings from my mom. I really wanted to steal them and I would have if I felt like she wouldn't have noticed. I honestly should have taken them anyway and if she never noticed I would've just continued on living merrily with my new favorite earrings. I know she's going to read this, so if I do plan on taking them one day I'll have to strategically plan it out - haha. My handbag (Charming Charlie, $30 or $35), however, was not borrowed and I actually bought it myself. Proud moment because it was my first real purse that could hold more than a phone, wallet, and keys. I figured I'd get a color that would go with most things in my wardrobe since purses aren't high on my buying list. Rings and sunglasses aren't either, but both were recently bought from Maurices. I can't remember exactly how much I paid for each, but I'm positive it wasn't more than $10. If you work in retail, make sure the employee discount is decent so it'll at least make dealing with grown ass people who can't put things back where they got them from worth it. 


Fashionably Yours,