Polished Emerald

Formal events are really my thing. And it sucks that I only attend them once every blue moon. I live by the quote "go big or stay your butt at home" because I'm going the whole nine yards when there's a formal dress code. This goes way back to my 8th grade dance, though I look back on it in horror at what I was wearing, in that moment I really thought I was doing the damn thing. But that's literally how it is every time I see pictures of my younger self. I've always loved clothes and considered myself a fashionable person, it's just that my style has changed so much over the years (and even recently), that things that I wore last year I probably wouldn't dare wear today. I think very soon I'm going to do a "transformation" post just so ya'll can how much of a glo I've had since middle school.

Outfit Deets

As I said earlier, I really get a kick out of getting dolled up for formal events. So when I found out my Aunt and Uncle were having a formal party for their 25th anniversary I was elated. Not too long ago, I saw on some social network that a woman set up a GoFundMe because she was "transfinancial" and needed money to live the life she was destined to live, and I don't think I've seen a more accurate description of my life until then. Like I was born to slay lives at formal events and cocktail parties with my equally boujie friends. I'm kidding, I'm not boujie at all and I don't aspire to be in any way, shape, or form. But anyway, back to the outfit deets. I came across this Australian boutique called "Beginning Boutique" a few months ago which is where I got this dress ($77) from. I kind of took an L with this whole purchase because I found the same dress on eBay for $14, but it was a tan color and I fell in love with the emerald green. I'm pretty sure the dress on eBay had free shipping as well, but I paid $20 for international shipping :'). I don't really feel bad though because I know the tan dress wouldn't have had the same effect on me. I made my shoe decision based off of the fact that you can see my entire leg through the split in my dress. Because of that I had this "goddess" vision in my head so to have lace-up, gladiator-like heels (eBay, $29) was completely necessary. The necklace and rings (Charming Charlie) were the finishing touches that made this look everything to be honest. I was so satisfied with how these pieces brought everything together that it almost brings a tear to my eye. And of course I was accompanied by the finest man in town at this event. This is the first time he's ever let me style him for anything, and if anyone knows him, you know he's just as picky as me, if not more, when it comes to what he's wearing. I didn't want us to be matchy-matchy like it was prom so I styled him in colors that I knew would look good next to this shade green. Y'all can find all of the details on his look in my styling section.

OH, and I promise I steamed this dress before I put it on but it got wrinkled again from sitting down -- haha.


Fashionably Yours,