Thank God it's Spring!

Spring is definitely my favorite season. My number one reason being because that's the sign that warmer weather is ahead; I absolutely HATE the cold. But I guess that's pretty invalid this year because 85% of our winter felt like summer. Another reason to love Spring time is the fashion. People always talk about loving Fall fashion, which I have nothing against, but I'm the type of person that likes bright colors and bold prints and that's just not something you see during the Fall. I remember one time I choose a bright pink polish to get my nails done during the Fall and I was judged so hard. Like if I'm paying to get my nails done you better believe I choosing the color that appeals to me the most, not the one that's the most seasonally acceptable.

Outfit Deets

I literally had my eye on this dress ($18) for weeks before I actually bought it. It was one of those items that I wasn't really sure if I liked or not mainly because it's a turtleneck, and I haven't worn one of those since middle school. But in the end the print and shape of the dress honestly won me over. It's funny because I never would've worn something like this a few years ago, but now I'm drawn to it. It's just super classy to me, and it was perfect to wear to the campus fashion show that I was a stylist for. Originally I was going to wear a pair of hot pink pumps with the dress which was very visually appealing to me, but I ended up going with the pair of shoes that made my legs look longer. They're probably the highest pair of heels I own at this point in my life and I take a lot of pride in them. I actually saw them on the Charlotte Russe website two Winters ago when I was a jobless college freshman, and was extremely lucky that the Charlotte Russe I worked at that following summer still had a pair in stock. It had to be fate because that pair so happened to be my size AND marked down to $14.99. That kind of thing never happens to me. 

Style Tip: Floral prints are super versatile so you can literally pair it with shoes and accessories of just about any color. The particular color doesn't have to be in the print at all, just think of it as a wearable flower garden. All of the colors look pretty beside each other no matter what.

I also mentioned that I styled for a campus fashion show, so be sure to check out my newest Styling section! More photos from this look can be found in my Lookbook and I'm constantly adding more photos to my Shoe Spot. That was a lot of information, sorry guys.


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