'Tis the Season for Ugly Christmas Denim Shirts

Merry Christmas ya filthy animals! I hope everyone had a good holiday filled with good food and whatever you asked for from good 'ol St. Nick. As you all know, holiday season brings out all of the ugly Christmas sweaters and nothing brings me more joy. I've never actually owned a Christmas sweater for whatever reason, but the ones I see in stores aren't even ugly. I actually find majority of the so-called ugly sweaters really cute, so I need some answers. Maybe something is just off with my brain... which is actually highly likely, so just bear with me. Next Christmas I'm going all out. Be prepared to see a different sweater for every day of December leading up to Christmas.

Outfit Deets

So obviously the occasion for this look was Christmas. We didn't do anything special so I probably could've just stayed in my pajamas for the majority of the day, but that's no fun. But what IS fun is this Christmas denim shirt I'm wearing. It's literally the cutest thing ever. My boyfriend got it for me a few years ago from a thrift store I'm assuming, so I'm pretty positive it was no more than $5. If y'all aren't on the thrift shopping train yet, I suggest you hop on board or either get you a man (or woman) that is. The shirt was originally a good several inches longer than pictured, but I cut it specifically for this outfit. It looks a lot better with the cropped sweater this way. I'm sure the sweater looks white, but it's actually more on the ivory/off-white side. The stripes in my skirt, however, are undeniably white, so why would I pair these two together?  The answer to that is simply to tie my shoes in better with the rest of the outfit. But, before I get into discussing those two pieces, let me just say I got the sweater two years ago on Christmas so the exact price is unknown, but what I do know is it's from Forever 21. I honestly don't feel like it was any more than 17 bucks. So now that that's out of the way, the skirt and shoes in this look are both from Charlotte Russe. The skirt is high-waisted with a zipper closure in the back and it also came with a hot pink belt, which I don't wear at all. As I was getting this outfit together I actually took off the belt loops to gives myself a peace of mind. Or unless it's jeans, I can't stand wearing something with belt loops without a belt. Last but certainly not least, the shoes are just a basic pair of oxford-style flats. I'm feeling pretty confident saying I got them for $12 even though it was years ago.

OH. And my glasses we're a birthday gift, so I don't know the price or location they came from. Sorry, I like to wear my presents.


Fashionably Yours,