My Bootie is a Little Rusty

"Hey, I like your orange booties!"

"They're rust. Not orange." *flips weave & struts away*

Like, God Karen, you are so stupid. Don't disrespect the rust booties by calling them orange. My alter ego, Dayonce, would have said something like that, but personally, I'd let the imaginary person get away with calling them orange. I'm not one to let my diva side show to the public. I also, very often, say *flips weave* because I would enjoy having flippable hair for those occasional diva moments *deep sigh*, but I'll just keep managing this thick load hair that's currently on top of my head. But don't you guys think it's funny how we've veered from identifying items by a standard color to these completely off the wall colors. There's periwinkle, aquamarine, mahogany, maroon, seafoam... and the list just keeps going. Like who came up with these? I mean, I'm not complaining, it's actually pretty great that I can go into a store and ask if they have a blush-colored shirt. That color is really growing on me now that I mention it. But we'll talk about that another day. I honestly just want to focus on these booties I'm wearing because they're in the running for my favorite pair of shoes right now.

Outfit Deets

Alright, so I went to a party Saturday night and this outfit was the chosen one. I truly wish I would've waited to wear it for another occasion because it deserved to be seen by better people, but that's okay. All that matters is it was seen and I was definitely feeling myself. With that being said, the first thing I want to talk about is the cardigan that I put over the hoodie. It wasn't apart of my original outfit plan, but since the weather is actually matching the season now, I had to layer up a bit. It surprisingly worked out really well with the color scheme of this look so maybe it was destined to be worn after all.  I'm not going to lie, I did steal if from my boyfriend after I bought it for him a few years back, but I put it to use way more than he did so it should've been in my closet from the get go. I believe I got it from eBay so I'm pretty sure it was less than $10. The cropped hoodie, on the other hand, was a bit more on the expensive side. It came from PacSun so y'all already know it's going to be overpriced. I paid thirty something for it and that was with a 25% discount. That may be right in some of y'all's price range, but if you don't already know, I'm cheap, so when anything is over $20 I really have an inner debate with myself on whether I need it or not. This particular day I honestly just felt like spending money so I figured I'd treat myself; I ended up having buyer's remorse right afterwards LMAO. But the olive green pants I'm wearing are from Charlotte Russe. They were originally $29.99, but I worked there at the time so all employees got a 40% discount on their purchases. When I tell y'all I took FULL advantage of that discount the three months I worked there, it was literally heaven. I also didn't buy them in the distressed condition; I did that part myself the night before the party. I did a little extra this time around with the holes than I normally do, but they turned out a lot better than I expected so that's a win for me for 2017. NOW, let's talk booties. I saved these babies for last because I wanted to end this post on the aspect that MADE this outfit. I purchased them from Wetseal during their Black Friday sale so I got them for $23 instead of $40. I love everything about these shoes from the color, to the cylinder block heel, and then the lace detail on the side. They were less comfortable than I expected, but if I had a chance to pair this outfit with another pair of shoes I absolutely would not. I'd go through being on my feet in these for the duration of another party all over again if I had to. Life is short, so why not wear uncomfortable shoes?

Style tip: When putting outfits together I always like to think outside the box. Being matchy-matchy is safe, but it's boring at the same time. I always recommend adding a pop of color to an outfit to give it a little more pizzazz. I could've worn a pair of beige shoes to match my hoodie, but the outfit wouldn't have been nearly as good as it was when I added the rust-colored booties. If you're wearing blue, try accessorizing in yellow. Or if you're wearing, lets say, a pink top, try pairing it with some some printed pants versus a basic pair of jeans. Prints and bold colors make outfits.

And for more photos with and without the cardigan, check out my lookbook. Beware that some of the pictures are very unflattering. Also, anyone that can tell me what movie I referenced in the first sentence gets a cookie.


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