Vandalized Denim: A Statement


Not everyone is blessed to be in New York during one of the most important weeks in fashion. I stand with the group of fashion lovers who sit behind a computer screen and gawk over the newest collections in preparation for the Fall season. Though not physically in the streets of the Big Apple, I'm sending fashionable vibes from little 'ol Statesboro. For a few weeks I've been thinking about what in the world I would even wear if I were to be in New York during fashion week, because it would HAVE to be the bomb. The vision came together with the start of a jacket from the 90's and the rest just fell into place. 

Outfit Deets

The awesome thing about fashion is that it's just a repeating cycle. Every trend that used to be a thing is sure to make a comeback in just a few decades. Lucky me, I have parents who were fashionable 20-somethings in the 90's so I just take their old clothes that are coming back into style. Not so much my mom, but my dad has quite a few articles of clothing that I wouldn't mind getting my hands on. This  "vandalized" denim jacket is something that I've honestly been wanting to take for myself for years but never did. The graffiti on top of the acid wash with the stains from God knows what is why I'm so obsessed with it. I knew once I had it in my possession it couldn't be worn with just anything so that's where the creative juices came in. The way colors look against one another is the factor that I look at the most when trying to turn a vision into reality. So needless to say, that's how the skirt ($12) and the shirt (Urban Outfitters) came along. The black choker (Charlotte Russe), tights (Rue21), and black booties (Forever 21) were mere ways to add some contrast against the light colors that were the "meat" of this look. Not only that, the choker and tights ended up giving the outfit more of that 90's grunge type feel and I was really digging it. Since the jacket made such a statement it honestly wasn't necessary to accessorize with anymore than a simple pair of earrings and strawberry smoothie from Starbucks.


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