Sweet, Velvet Valentine

Valentine's Day has never been a huge deal in my relationship. I mean, yeah, we celebrate it but definitely not to the extreme. This year all I cared about was going to see "Fifty Shades Darker" and ordering pizza to eat in bed with my man. Technically, neither of them ended up becoming a thing because we couldn't get any seats at the movie and we went to Mellow Mushroom instead of ordering the best pizza of all time from Dominoes. Nonetheless, it was still a great day. To be honest, my ideal day would include one of the following: 1) Getting cute to spend time with my man, 2) Being a bum in my apartment all day, or 3) Being a bum with him all day. I just really enjoy doing nothing these days and it's icing on the cake when he's here to do it with me.

Outfit Deets

Everything I'm wearing is one of my favorites. I'm far from a sneaker person but I wear these Tommy Hilfiger ones faithfully. I got lucky and found them at Ross a few months ago and we've been inseparable ever since. The shoe itself isn't all that special, so I think the reason I had to have them was because of my mini collection of Hilfiger hats. And by mini I mean three... so call it what you what. But the shoes are great whenever I just feel like chilling and they work well to "dress down" without really dressing down if that makes sense. Like I had so many different ideas of what I could pair with this velvet slip dress ($10, Bealls Outlet) whether it be booties and fishnets to sparkly pointed toe heels, and yet I feel like the sneakers gave the same effect. I didn't feel like I was compromising the look of the dress by not wearing heels is what I guess I'm trying to say. And I'm one of those people that feel like heels makes every outfit better so that says a lot about how I feel about these sneakers. Out of all of my "favorite" items in this look, the bomber is on a completely different level. I spotted it in TJ Maxx while Christmas shopping this past year and I couldn't say no. I want to thank layaway for that because otherwise I wouldn't have had a choice but to say no. It wasn't until after I had it for a few weeks that I realized it was reversible and that just made me go wild. Not that I regretted spending $60 on it, but essentially getting two bombers for that price put the frugal side of me on cloud nine.


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