White Jeans After Labor Day


I don't even know where I first heard the completely ridiculous rule of not wearing white after Labor Day. And I've never cared enough to actually look into it to see if I could possibly have a change in heart. If I'm in the mood to wear something, there are a lot of things that will stop me, but I promise you the passing of Labor Day isn't one of them. The cold is, so once that demon weather makes an appearance is when I'll store the white jeans and florals and tone it down a bit. I don't know why, I just have a thing against wearing white jeans when it's cold outside. For the longest time I would tell people that there is no such thing as Fall colors mainly because I felt like the season wasn't going to dictate what colors I could and couldn't wear, but very subconsciously I do. So basically I have failed myself. 


Outfit Deets

'Twas the last weekend of September and also the annual family vacay to Myrtle Beach. I had pre-planned this outfit, as I always do, and I had my mind set that this would be the perfect time to wear it. I knew there would be enough people around to see it, I knew the weather would be perfect, and most importantly, I knew I'd look B O M B. I had never tried it on before, so it was a risk bringing it as my primary outfit choice. But you know when you just have a feeling that two things are going to work out? That was the feeling I had when it came to pairing this striped top (Bealls Outlet, $13) and floral, printed mules (GoJane, $21) together. As I stated in my "Striped Obsessed" post, I have a thing for stripes at the moment. That is what initially had me drawn to the top. THEN, I saw the ruffled sleeve detail and the little belt that I was able to tie and I was done. The funny thing is, I put it on hold and the store only allows holds for five days before putting the item back on the rack. So once my five days were up, I would go back and put it on hold for another five days which went on for a solid four weeks. It was all my bank account's fault. She was giving me dirty looks any time I thought about buying something unnecessary. And since the top was less than $15 you know times had to be hard. But hey, the best way to get through rough times and still fulfill your shopping needs is to just put in on your credit card! ...

I'm lying. 

Please don't listen to me. Credit cards will get you in trouble even when you fully intend to use it responsibly upon getting it. I got mine strictly to pay for gas on, a year and half later it's maxed out and I used the remainder of my credit on three pairs of mules. One of which is on my feet. I just couldn't resist the satin beauty. It wasn't a purchase that I particularly felt bad about, I just momentarily hated myself for being an irresponsible shopaholic. After wearing this outfit, I smile at myself for sacrificing my credit in turn for a successful look. The white jeans (Ross) were basically the icing and sprinkles on the cake. A pair of normal jeans probably would have sufficed, but the white just makes the look so fresh and fitting for the location.


Fashionably Yours,


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