Campus Style: With a Pop of Rose Gold


You know, it isn't as easy as you would think to put in the effort to look decent for class. When the school year first started, and when I first announced my #CampusStyle series, I vowed to put my bummy ways to the side and start dressing like a person who'll have a degree in fashion in a year and a half.  I'll say that lasted for a good,  solid month until the t-shirts and Birkenstocks began to make their presence known again. They were waiting for my moment of weakness, also known as the day when I woke up late for a class that starts at 12:20. Not an 8 a.m, not a 10 a.m, but a freaking 12:20 in the afternoon class. That is when my appearance took a turn in the wrong direction. Next semester I'll have my first 8 a.m of my college career, three times a week, and I can tell you now I'm not built for that lifestyle. I could barely do it in high school, a time where all I had to stress about was cheerleading and putting gas in my car. Now that I'm "adulting" and paying rent and buying groceries with less than $300 checks, I definitely have things to be up all night stressing about. Granted, my refund check helped out quite a bit, but now that's gone and I have to try to humble myself because my bank account has returned to its normal numbers. But it's fine, I'm optimistic, so I'm just going to speak good attendance and a speedy deposit of my second semester refund check into existence right now. 


Outfit Deets

It's a great day to wear stripes, amirite? If you've been keeping up with my posts lately, you know my current obsession with stripes. Horizontal, vertical, black and white, blue and white, you name it ... and I'll probably want it. These cropped trousers are probably the best thing I've found during a Goodwill visit in a long time. They're Ralph Lauren, a perfect fit, and I'm pretty sure they were $6 or less. What a freaking time to be alive. I knew I was going to pair them with this graphic tee (NYCT Clothing) almost immediately after bringing them home, and I hadn't even bought the shirt yet. I saved it to my fashion board on Pinterest a few days prior, but I didn't intend on buying it at that moment in time. Even though it was on sale for $12, and spot on in representing my mood 70% of the time, I just didn't feel like I needed it. Who would've thought that a pair of pants would have the power to make a grown woman buy something to match it? Oh, and I almost forgot to mention how shook everyone was when they read the bottom line on the tee. I wore this outfit to work once I was done with class, so the majority of people that noticed what it said were people I've never seen before in my life. First, I would get a really weird look from whomever it was that read "i want you" on a random girl's shirt. Then they would start chuckling out of no where and say something along the lines of "I just noticed what the rest of your shirt said!" Me: *fakes laugh*. Those are the people I want to leave me alone.

I would't say that there was a particular reason why I choose rose gold as my accent color. At the time, I hadn't worn these pair of mules (GoJane, $18) before so I'm sure that was a deciding factor in why there is rose gold everywhere. In my head, I only gave myself two options as far as shoes and those were either pumps or mules, so really the fact that I wore this outfit to class and work and not out to eat or something like that is what ultimately made up my mind. When I first starting feeling the mule trend, I said I wouldn't wear a pair with a fur foot bed or unless they were Gucci. I can't stand knock offs and off brand lookalikes, but when I saw these shoes in Tj Maxx, and not in my size, I knew I had to find them in my size elsewhere. So I did, and instead of only ordering those I bought two other pair and these sunglasses ($7). Mind you, I hardly ever wear sunglasses, so guess why I decided to buy them ...

Free shipping. 

I'm a sucker for free shipping, so any time there is a promo that has anything to do with it I almost instantly give in. In total that purchase was 9 cent short of $61, which I had no problem with, but $8 for shipping? Absolutely not. I truly hate myself for that, but shipping costs are honestly a deal breaker for me. Who else agrees?


Fashionably Yours,



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