A Merry, Thrifty Christmas


Is it just me or was this the least Christmas-y Christmas ever? Literally four days before Christmas I told myself that it was probably time to start doing some shopping, and that was the first time I thought about it the entire holiday season. Maybe it's because spending money I deep down didn't have was involved? This time last year I wasn't paying rent or dropping $200 a month on my braces, and I was getting 4o hours a week plus making a dollar more hourly than I do now.  So basically adulting sucks and it ruined Christmas ... 

... that is, if I wanted to be a dramatic crybaby. But I'm not, because the MAJORITY of Christmas day was actually really good. I woke up at 6 a.m with the intent of leaving at 6:15 to head down to my grandparent's house, which would make my arrival fall around 9:15.  So as I'm double checking to make sure I have all that I need, I realize I don't have my freaking wallet. Turns out I left it at Waffle House the previous night, but I spent an hour looking for it before even checking there. At that point I'm extremely irritated. Irritated to the point where I skipped an Uncle Luke song that started playing in the car. And everyone that knows me will know how out of character that is. Fast forward to 10 o'clock when I finally get to my destination, my mood is slightly better, and its gift unwrapping time! Your girl finally got a fur coat so be prepared to be shook in 2018.  In addition, my parents got me a tripod so my life just got a whole lot easier. I tested it out on the rooftop to take these photos and I'm crying that I didn't get one sooner. The main reason why I can't stay consistent with blogging is because my friends actually have other things to do other than take pictures of me, so now that I don't need them, I have no excuse but to be posting once a week!


Outfit Deets

"Fashions Fade, Style is Eternal" -Yves Saint Laurent 

I got the second part of that quote tattooed on my rib just because it speaks to me so much. Trends change, your access to certain stores may change, but if you're truly a fashionable person you will look good regardless. Expensive clothing has never been, and never will be, a way to point out one who is fashion-forward versus one that is lagging just a little. It's all in the way you pair your pieces. The meat of this outfit came from Goodwill, so each piece was $5 or less. The things that I didn't get from Goodwill were all at Goodwill prices, so might as well say my entire outfit came from the thrift store. The basic crew neck that I'm wearing under my granny cardigan (as I like to call it) is honestly the most expensive thing I'm wearing, falling at a hefty price of $6.99. I've had it for a little while now, and got it at Bealls Outlet while I was working there, so technically I didn't even pay the full price with the employee discount. I wore it three times in five days, all under some kind of jacket/cardigan so no one suspected a thing -- teehee. Since we're already talking about Bealls, my boots were purchased there as well for a very unbelievable price of $3. When we first got the boots in our store I think they were $23 or $24, so by the time I got done arguing with myself on whether or not to buy them, they had been marked down quite a few times. 

Good things come to those who wait! 

Now. The meat. Also known as the best parts of the look. My Granny sweater and favorite jeans. I got this cardigan during homecoming because it reminded me of the 90's, and that was our theme this year so it was perfect. I bought it along with every other thing I found in Goodwill that day that could remotely be considered a 90's fashion, but I didn't end up wearing any of it that week. I guess I was thinking I was going to a party everyday like I was still in my prime or something????? I don't know, but it'll all get worn eventually. I'm not as bad with clothes as I am with shoes so they won't get the chance to collect any dust. I think I'm sitting at around 15 pairs of shoes that I haven't worn yet, some in which I've had for a few years. It's just hard having cute shoes without having worthy locations of wearing them. Celebrities wear heels for the most regular activities, like grocery shopping and hiking (@Lady Gaga); perhaps I should too. I mean, the only thing setting us apart is our tax bracket. Regardless of the way that I plan on going about it, all the shoes are getting worn in 2018! I'm going to say the same thing that I say every year before going into a new year; I'm not buying anymore shoes until I wear the ones I already have. I've never stuck to it, so it's kind of like a traditional lie that I tell every year. Hopefully I'll be breaking the tradition within the next 365 days, but we'll see. Anyway, I've been off topic long enough. I'm supposed to be talking about the jeans. So my boyfriend gave these to me a few years ago and they have been my favorite ever since. Normally when I get jeans from a thrift store I automatically think to distress them, but these were literally everything without any modifications. I was probably a good 20 pounds lighter when I first got them, and they're still fitting good and making my booty look even better. As I'm typing this he's telling me that my mother in law actually bought them, so all this time I've been giving him all the credit. This just comes to show that men are trash and Maxine is the bomb. 

Since I'm pretty much bragging about all the good prices I've paid for the pieces of this look, I might as well throw in that I got my belt from Forever 21 for a WHOLE dollar. The tag said $9.99 but when the associate went to ring it up it said $1! I was like "bish whet?!!?" If the surprise isn't that good then I don't want it. 


Fashionably Yours,


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