Did Someone Say Brunch?


Would you believe me if I said I've technically never gone out for brunch ...  until today? Twenty one years of life,  hundreds of dollars spent on food, and none of it was ever for brunch. Most of the time I'm just unavailable during those hours, so that honestly has a lot to do with it. Plus, is it really brunch without mimosas? I've only been able to legally drink for two months now, so I doubt my experience would have been up to par without indulging in two of them. I always assumed that they were extremely overhyped, and that they would be similar to a wine cooler or something with a very low alcohol content, but let me tell you, I felt pretty good before I even had the second one. Before our outing, my boyfriend asked how do you get drunk off of mimosas, and I replied to him with "I don't know, we'll probably have to drink like twelve!" Our entire day would have been GONE if we had that number set in ours hearts. And this post would be nonexistent because I'm sure I wouldn't have been worried about taking pictures.


Outfit Deets

Surprise! I carry handbags now. Large ones if that helps with the surprise factor. My entire life I was always that person that only carried a wallet, keys, and my phone because those are the only three things that I needed. And those things definitely weren't enough to fill up a bag. But just recently, I've began to notice the bags that women carry and I'm attracted to the overall look of it. When I bought my first real handbag, as in not a small cross-body bag, I felt like that was the beginning of my inner grown woman blossoming. A woman on a mission with a lot of sh*t to carry. And from that point on, I made it my goal to own a Louis Vuitton handbag within the next few years (Yes, that escalated very quickly). But obviously, such large purchases take time,  and a lot of money, so I've started out pretty basic. The first one I bought was from Charming Charlie, and the one I carried for brunch was from Tj Maxx. The brand is Nine West which is pretty good if you ask me, and get this, I got it on clearance for less than $25! When I first saw it in the store it hadn't been marked down yet, so I'm actually really pleased that I was broke at the time.It ended up being a great addition to this very neutral outfit. 

I probably should have added that we ate at Up on the Roof located in downtown Greenville. It's a nice little restaurant located on the roof (if the name didn't ring any bells) of the Embassy Suites. All my boyfriend had to tell me is that we were going somewhere that I would possibly want to dress up for and this was the result. Black is already a great color on it's own, but with polka dots? The Earth has stopped it's rotation and the game has been changed. Polka dots basically have the same effect on me as stripes do, so when I laid my eyes on this blouse ($18 + 40% off) in Rue21 I was positive it had to be mine. The bell sleeves and subtle-but-still-low-enough-to-show-off-my-tattoo neckline makes it a very versatile top. It's modest enough for the day and sexy enough for the night outings as well. I originally planned on wearing it with a pink leather skirt that I've been dying to show the world, but the occasion just wasn't right. Literally nothing I'm wearing is what I intended it to be paired with now that I think about it. I bought these boots ($40 + 40% off) from Rue21 at the same time as the blouse, but planned on wearing it with a cream-colored sweater dress. I ordered the belt from Tobi to go with an outfit I wore to a black party a few weeks ago, but it didn't arrive until a week after the fact :))) Needless to say that was a heartbreak I don't want to experience again. But anyway, none of these things were supposed to be worn together or with a pair of black jeans (H&M, $10), but hey, look where we ended up. This entire series of unplanned garment matching just comes to show that things always work out in the end, even if it isn't how you originally planned. There's a life lesson for ya. 

Fashionably Yours,


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