Campus Style: I'm Wearing Sneakers!


You're probably wondering why it's such a huge feat for me to be wearing sneakers. Truth be told, it's not. But there are a few reasons why I made it seem like it was. First and foremost, I hardly ever wear sneakers. And when I do it is in a very bummy fashion. So I feel pretty darn good to have had the motivation to put this together at the crack of dawn before my 8 a.m. Secondly, this will only be my second post that I've done on a look where I'm wearing sneakers, further proving my first point of not being a sneaker person. Lastly, I literally had no other ideas for a title. I don't think I've ever struggled so hard to come up with a title for anything in my entire life. I feel like the closer I get to graduation the smaller my mental capacity gets and that's very problematic. I still have a WHOLE year and half left before I walk across that stage so just imagine what state my brain will be in come May 2019? Will I be sane? Will college have fried the remainder of my brain cells? Will neon green skinny jeans make their way back into my wardrobe? Will I have discovered where Tupac has been hiding for the last 21 years? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!


Outfit Deets

A few weeks ago I met up with Deion (my man, for those who don't know him by name), for a weekend in Columbia. Every so often we make plans on meeting up somewhere in between both of our locations; some times just because and others for an actual reason. This time was for reason, but that's not what's important right now. Any time I have to pack for a short trip I tend to overdo it. An outfit for any possible situation that may arise,  different shoe options for each of those outfits, jewelry options. My goal is to have a good representation of my wardrobe without having to bring it all with me. This trip was a little different in that I was not in the mood to be doing all of that. SO, I brought the closest to bare minimum as I could get. And that backfired. We ended up going to a club and I had no club attire. Talk about stress. It all worked out in the end, and I left with a new pair of boots and crop top. But just to avoid last minute shopping, I'll be returning to my normal method of packing. Anyway, as far as what I DID bring; the outfit that I wore up there, an outfit for the next day, and then some leggings for my ride back home. I brought a total of two pairs of shoes including the ones I wore there, the other being these sneakers (Tj Maxx, low 40's). My plan was to only bring the sneakers, and just style my outfits around them, but that required a little more effort than what I was trying to put in. The process did, however, give me a few ideas to build on whenever I decided to wear these shoes again. I honestly held them up to every shirt in my closet just to see how it would match up, and this button up (Goodwill, $5)  was definitely one of the better options. When you have a pair of shoes that doesn't go with a lot that you already own, it's easy to settle with just doing an all black outfit or a white top; you know, something really neutral. Now, nothing is wrong with that by any means, but sometimes it's a fun challenge to not take the neutral route. 

Once I decided on the button down, the rest of the look was really easy. Black jeans are suitable for everything, and I just feel like they have the the ability to make you look more dressed up and put together than a regular pair of blue jeans. A great friend of mine actually gave these particular ones to me our freshman year of college, so I got them for the FREE FREE. But they're Bullhead, PacSun's denim brand, so it's safe to say they retailed somewhere between $50 and $60.  The only things that I will purchase with my own money that are in that range are shoes. And even then that's still pushing it. I'm sorry, I have to be cheap until I can afford not to be *Kanye Shrug*. Moooooving on. I think I said in one of my very first posts that when I wear this coat (Forever 21) it's my attempt in going for a trench-y vibe, since I technically don't have one. Well, at the time I didn't. I found a trench coat at Goodwill last week so we are officially in business. Since I'm on the subject, I might as well throw in that during that trip I found a J.Crew Peacoat for $5. Please just look up "J.Crew Peacoat" on google so that you can understand why that information was even worth telling.  Finding good deals on clothing or shoes are the types of things that take up the majority of my "life accomplishments" list. 

Lastly, but surely not least, my hat (Forever 21). It's my go-to accessory and the caramel drizzle on a fudge brownie. Proven to make just about any outfit 1.5 times better than it already was. My main reason for wearing it is because I had done my A$AP Rocky twists two nights prior, and while I have no shame in showing them off, this outfit just wasn't the time to do it.

Side Note: I didn't actually wear these shades to class, they were strictly for picture purposes just like the first time I did a post with them - haha. But I did order them from GoJane for $7  for anyone who was curious!


Fashionably Yours,



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