It's All in the Jeans

A girl in a good pair of jeans is a dangerous thing. Let me tell you why - because a pair of jeans that hug all the right curves can bring out the most confident woman; and a confident woman can do anything she sets her mind to. Here's my personal success story: Today I wore a brand new pair of jeans from H&M, the high rise ankle jeans (they're clearly past ankle length on me) to be exact. They are fitting like a GLOVE y'all. But anyway, I was finally able to get, not one, but TWO mid-strut poses. This has been my dream pose since I started my blog and today was the first time my face cooperated in the pictures. Coincidence? I think not. These jeans brought out the best "modeling" I've ever done, so for that, I owe them my life. 

Outfit Deets

Did I mention these jeans were only $10? I couldn't just order one pair for such a good price so I ordered the jet black pair along with the dark wash pair. Three pairs of jeans for $30 is the deal of a lifetime honestly. Most of the time you're not getting jeans for any cheaper than $25. Especially guys, y'all have it far worse than us ladies when it comes to finding affordable clothes. But speaking of affordable, every piece in this look was priced really well besides the hat (Forever 21)... which I'm ashamed to say was $17. Definitely overpriced for a hat but since I technically didn't buy it I'm not going to sit here and whine about it. I'm just truly disgusted that it's the most expensive thing I'm wearing other than my watch. My shoes (Burke's Outlet) were only $2 less than the hat but that's so much more acceptable for a cute pair of chunky heels. The only thing about these shoes is that they become really uncomfortable for my pinky toe after a few hours; but actually walking in them is a breeze. This top was one of my purchases at Charlotte Russe during my time working there last summer, so it was only 11 or 12 dollars because of that bomb employee discount. I don't know if I like the cutouts more or the fact that it's suede, but I will say that having skin contact with this material is like the real life version of swimming in milk chocolate... magical.

And for all of my fellow shoe lovers, I've decided to add a Shoe Spot dedicated to my shoe collection! There isn't much there as of now, but in the upcoming months it's going to be turned into a virtual wall of art. 


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