Campus Style: A Dress for the Highs & Lows


Week three of my second to last year of college has come and gone, and I must say, it was better than week two. If you've read my first #CampusStyle post, then you know I started off a little rocky in one of my online classes. BUT, I bounced back and made a 100 on an assignment in that same class, so I guess I'm not going to drop out after all ...

I'm kidding. I promise. I've came too far, shed TOO much blood, sweat and tears (literally) to stop now. I've even gave up the homeless-looking college student look for the aspiring personal stylist majoring in fashion look, so I am dedicated to this sh*t.

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Outfit Deets

I think dresses are probably my go-to when I'm trying to decide what I'm wearing to class. They're easy to throw on, and from there all you have to do is put your own little flavor on it. Not to mention, with it being so hot outside, dresses allow for your lady parts to breathe, and that's extremely important for your partner in crime's health. The only bad thing is there's no type of barrier preventing your thighs from rubbing together, so I find myself getting highly annoyed by that throughout the day. I don't think I noticed it too much today, maybe because I was too focused on how uncomfortable my shoes (GoJane) were. They were apart of a highly irresponsible impulse purchase, but if I knew my toes would feel the way they did while walking, I may have saved my credit card some damage. Don't get me wrong, I love the way they look with the cute little gold detail on the heel, I especially loved the $15 price tag. And then, there are so many different outfits that I could pair these shoes with that I feel like the possibility of having corns on my toes is just a small price to pay to get such versatility. My man will just have to get over it.

I love love love this hi-low dress (Venus) for several reasons. One, it's another really versatile piece. So even though it's only my second time wearing it, I know the next time I wear it I can dress it up completely different and have another thing going. Two, it's actually pretty long so I can wear it with heels without it being too short. I doubt you guys can tell just because of they way I have it folded under the belt, but it was definitely made for the women that are a bit taller than 5'3. 

Accessories - Charlotte Russe | Hat - Forever 21 | Bookbag - Ross

- Quick Tip -

Typically, I would've put my books in a tote-style bag for this kind of outfit. But the only one that I have is the one I carried in my post last week, which is brown. And the only brown I was looking to carry today was myself. So I just had to make the regular 'ol backpack work. If you don't have to carry a lot of books with you to class, I definitely recommend having a tote or two so that you can switch out on those days when you're looking a little extra girly or whatnot.  

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