Sun's Out ... Shoulders Out


Sun's out, shoulders out because we keep our buns to ourselves around here. Though if it was legal, I'd probably do away with clothing and have all the goods hanging out. It's honestly too hot for skin at this point, so even the thinnest layer of clothing is too much. By 10 a.m. in south Georgia it's already in the high 80's and probably feeling like the mid-90's, so by 2 p.m it's feeling like 104 degrees outside. I think I took these pictures around five, so the heat was at it's maximum for the day and I felt it ALL. For whatever reason, my stomach/underboob area sweats the most out of every part of my body, so I was just trying to smile through the discomfort of having frequent sweat trickles down my body. And then I got really annoyed because I kept having to wipe my forehead and the back of my neck every 10 seconds. As soon as I didn't I got my greatest selfie of the year, but of course you can see my sweat :)) I thought about not using the picture at all, but then I looked at it again and determined that it needed to be shared with y'all. After all, great selfies don't come often so we're just going to act like the glistening on the back of my neck is coming from the Fenty Body Lava. 


Outfit Deets

I seriously love how dresses are the laziest outfits ever, yet they're most often associated with dressing up and special events. Like how did we get so lucky to be able to put in the least amount of effort, clothing wise, for the most special occasions in our life? Weddings, prom, Quinceañeras, graduation ... the hardest thing is figuring out WHAT dress to wear but it doesn't require nearly the same amount of effort that picking out a top and bottom does. And depending on the brand of the dress and the details of it, it's a good chance you'll end up paying less for it than you would for separates. Obviously formal dresses are an exception to that statement, but in the case of the dress I wore today, which I bought for $11, it was cheaper than a $20 pair of jeans and a 15 or $20 dressy top would have been. Now, I'm not going to lie, if I would have paid full price for the dress it would have been $44, but by the time I bought it it had been marked down ... plus I got an additional 20% off because of my employee discount. But if you shop smart you'll seldom pay the full price for clothing, even if it means creating a new email address so that you can get the "email signup" discount every time. I told y'all I don't play games. If you think I'm joking you haven't learned a thing about me in the year and a half that I've been blogging - haha. I bought my shoes from Maurices as well, and guess what, they were also marked down. They were already 70% off before my employee discount was applied, so I literally only paid $5 for them. I wore them for an 8 hour shift at work and my feet only started hurting toward the end. I feel like it's probably because they're a size 6 ... and in most cases I'm at least a 7. But hey, they clearly fit so don't judge me. If my feet were hanging off the front I would've most definitely passed on them. I can deal with a little tightness, though. I feel weird because the only thing that isn't from Maurices is my hat, which I bought from Charlotte Russe. I can't remember how much it was, but I'm pretty positive I got it during the time that I was working there. So whatever price you're thinking, you might as well factor in a 40% discount. Y'all are going to hate me by the time I get done talking about employee discounts. 


Fashionably Yours,